West Wind

Elementary School

Inspire all students to achieve their greatest potential

  • "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."--Ben Franklin, Founding Father of the United States

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District News

West Wind Events

School Day Schedule

  • Gates Open @ 7:10am


    Breakfast Served 7:10am-7:40am

    Regular Days


    Preschool AM--8:00am-11:00am Start, 10:00am-10:45am AM Recess


    Preschool PM--12:30pm-3:30pm Start, 2:00pm-2:45pm PM Recess


    K Rm 1, 3--7:50am Start, 8:55-9:10am AM Recess, 10:45am-11:35am Lunch

             12:35pm-12:48pm PM Recess, 2:33pm Dismissal


    K Rm 2,28--7:50am Start, 9:10am-9:25am AM Recess, 10:45am-11:35am Lunch

              12:48pm-1:01pm PM Recess, 2:33pm Dismissal


    K Rm 4,6--7:50am Start, 9:25am-9:40am AM Recess, 11:10am-12:12:00pm Lunch

              1:01pm-1:14pm PM Recess, 2:33pm Dismissal


    1st--7:50am Start, 9:25am-9:40am AM Recess, 11:20am-12:10pm Lunch

              1:00pm-1:13pm PM Recess, 2:33pm Dismissal


    2nd--7:50am Start, 9:40am-9:55am AM Recess, 11:40am-12:30pm Lunch

              1:18pm-1:31pm PM Recess, 2:33pm Dismissal


    3rd--7:50am Start, 9:55am-10:10am AM Recess, 11:30am-12:20pm Lunch

              1:30pm-1:43pm PM Recess, 2:33pm Dismissal


    4th--7:50am Start, 10:10am-10:25am AM Recess

              11:50am-12:35pm Lunch, 2:33pm Dismissal


    5th--7:50am Start, 10:25am-10:40am AM Recess

              12:10pm-12:55pm Lunch, 2:33pm Dismissal


    Minimum Days


    K Rm 1, 3--7:50am Start, 8:40am-8:55am AM Recess, 10:30am-11:00am Lunch, 12:05 Dismissal


    K Rm 2, 28--7:50am Start, 8:55am-9:10am AM Recess, 10:35am-11:05am Lunch, 12:05pm Dismissal


    K Rm 4, 6--7:50am Start, 9:10am-9:25am AM Recess, 10:40am-11:10am Lunch, 12:05pm Dismissal


    1st--7:50am Start, 9:25-9:40am AM Recess, 10:50am-11:20am Lunch, 12:05pm Dismissal


    2nd--7:50am Start, 9:30am-9:45am AM Recess, 11:10am-11:40am Lunch, 12:05pm Dismissal


    3rd--7:50am Start, 9:45am-10:00am AM Recess, 11:00am-11:30am Lunch, 12:05pm Dismissal


    4th--7:50am Start, 10:00am-10:15am AM Recess, 11:20am-11:50am Lunch, 12:05pm Dismissal


    5th--7:50am Start, 10:15am-10:30am AM Recess, 11:30am-12:00pm Lunch, 12:05 Dismissal


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Technology Checklist (Grade K-2)

    • Student uses basic keyboarding skills (Grade K: letter indentification/Grade 1: 5-10 words a miniute/Grade 2: 10-20 words a miniute)


    • Student illustrates and communicates original ideas and stories using digital tools and media rich resources


    • Student identifies, researches, and collects data using digital resources and proposes a developmentally appropriate solution


    • Student works in collaborative groups to produce a digital presentation or product in a curriculum area


    • Studnt finds and evaluates information related to a current or historical person or event using digital resources


    • Student uses simulations and graphical organizers to explore and depict patterns of growth such as life cycles of plants and animals


    • Student demonstrates the safe and cooperative use of technology


    • Student communicates about technology using developmentally appropriate and accurate terminology


    • Student demonstrates the ability to navigate in virtual environments such as electronic books, simulation software, and websites
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Technology Checklist (Grade 3-5)

    • Student can appropriately use keyboarding skills (3rd Grade: 1 paragraph/4th Grade: 1 page/5th Grade: 2 pages all in a single sitting)


    • Student produces a media-rich digital story or report using formatting and editing tools


    • Student uses digital presentation software to modify/create works of art, graphically display information, and communicate effectively during oral presentations


    • Student recognizes bias in digital resources while researching an issue with guidence from the teacher


    • Student selects and applies digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data to evaluate theories or test hypothesis


    • Student indentifies and investigates issues and generates possible solutions using digital tools and resources


    • Student conducts science experiments using digital instruments and measurement devices


    • Student conceptualizes, guides, and manages individual or group learning projects using digital planning with teacher support


    • Student uses technology appropriately to prevent injury to self or damage to equitment


    • Student debates the effect of existing and emerging technologies on individuals, society, and the global community


    • Student practices safe behavior on the web and understands copyright law with guidence from the teacher
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Student Computer Protocol

    • Keep Your Password To Yourself


    • Watch Where You Click


    • Keep Food and Drink Away From Technology


    • Think Before You Print


    • Save Your Work


    • Respect The Computer


    • Keep Eyes On Your Own Screen


    • Leave The Tricky Stuff To Experts
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Antelope Valley Wall Essay Contest

After School Program

  • Enrichment Center at West Wind Elementary

    Monday -- Friday: After School to 6pm


    The Program Provides:

       A Safe and Secure Environment

       Structured and Interactive Play

       Homework Assistance

       Professional and Caring Staff


    For More Information Contact:


    Park, Recreation & Arts Department

    City of Lancaster

    Parks, Recreation & Arts

    44933 Fern Avenue

    Lancaster, CA 93534

    (661) 723-6077




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Prize Wheel Winners



    The Lancaster School District is now enrolling for our CARES After School Program (it's free!). CARES offers students a nutritious snack, homework assistance, and both academic and recreational enrichment. It is available at the following school sites: Desert View, Discovery, El Dorado, Jack Northrop, Joshua, Lincoln, Linda Verde, Mariposa, Monte Vista, Sierra, and Sunnydale. For further information, contact the CARES Office at 948-4661 x209.


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